Rikard Björk


Rikard Björk is starring in Black King as the character Leon. Björk is trained at the Academy of Theatre in Gothenburg. He is widely involved and working with film, dubbing, spoken theater and musical. On the big screen, he has appeared in films like Jävla Pojkar, Tillbaka till Bromma, I Am Reva, Nattbad, Beck and Morden i Sandhamn.

Alexander Strömberg

Young Leon

Alexander Strömberg makes his first major role in Black King, where he plays the role Leon in his young teens. Strömberg has participated in Simon och ekarna (2012) and Synd att klaga (2007).

Hans Mosesson


Hans Mosesson is an actor and theater director with over twenty feature films and television productions behind him. In the early seventies he interrupted his medical studies at the University of Lund and started as a singer in Nationalteatern. After this he has been seen in productions like Polisen i Strömstad, Noll tolerans, Kommissionen and Andra avenyn to name a few.

Emelie Arborén


Emelie Arborén, actress from Hudiksvall, plays Leon’s childhood sweetheart Linn in adulthood. Arborén studied Theatre Studies at the University of Gothenburg and Theatre and Performance at the University of Plymouth.

Rebecca Svensson

Young Linn

Rebecca Svensson, from the city of Falkenberg, is playing the role of young Linn in Black King, which is her feature film debut.

Kristin Högberg


Kristin Högberg is portraying the character Hanna, baby sister of Linn. Högberg has previously participated in the productions of Kvartersteatern and the student revue at the University of Lund where she studies media and communication. Högberg gets her feature film debut with Black King.

Arash Bolouri


Arash Bolouri plays the role Amir, a close friend of Leon. The critically acclaimed feature film Chao Bella (2007) was Bolouris feature film debut where he played the role Babak. Bolouri has also appeared in SVT´s drama series 183 dagar.

Arash Bolouri

Tomas Anshelm


Tomas Anshelm portrays the gang leader Josef. Anshelm was the president of Unga KRIS in Falkenberg for a period of time and has been working with crime and drug prevention.

Anoshirvan Parvazi


Actor Anoshirvan Parvazi took on the role as Ruben in Black king. He has been practicing martial arts for most of his life and has been involved in the stunt choreography of Black King. Parvazi is also stand-up comedian and performs together with big names around the world. On the big screen, he has starred in films such as John Falk, Cannibal Fog and the SVT-series Poliserna.

Jessica Nilsson
Andreas Andersson
David Holst

Jessica Nilsson makes her feature film debut with the role of Stella. Her interest in acting will lead Nilsson to be involved in other film projects.

Andreas Andersson makes his debut role as Marko in Black King. Andersson worked on a project called Inte som på film, a film series in three parts, in which he played the lead role and also was involved in the screenplay and directing.

David Holst has a genuine interest in film and has starred in films like Din jävla idiot and Jag och Johan. In Black King he plays the role of Mikael. Holst has also played an important role in the film crew behind the camera of Black King.

Mehmet Kesertzis
Alexander Qvarnström
Alexander Svensson
Hadi Mehri

Alexander Svensson, Mehmet Kesertzis, Alexander Qvarnström and Hadi Mehri make their feature film debuts in Black King where they play the roles of Elias, Albin, Jacob and Adnan.

Kira Uhlin
Johanna Chelala
Caroline Klintefjord
Lisa Lilja

Caroline Klintefjord, Kira Uhlin, Johanna Chelala and Lisa Lilja make their feature film debuts in Black King where they play the roles of Ebba, Kajsa, Sally och Bea.